Our Delivery Method

We ensure your puppy is delivered to you in the safest way possible. Since we work with breeders nationwide, we are typically required to fly your puppy to your state, but there is no need to worry as our puppies travel very comfortably with one of the 3 leading airlines in pet care and transportation (Delta, United, and American). While in the care of the airlines the puppies go in a temperature controlled and pressurized compartment of the play, the lights and dimmed and the noise is reduced to provide a non-stimulating environment for your baby allowing him/her to relax and sleep through the majority of the flight. If a layover is necessary the airlines are required to remove the puppy from the plane and provide the puppy with water if there is none left in the crate. We will personally track your puppy throughout the day to ensure there are no changes or delays. As our slogan states, “From Our Home to Yours.” We will be having your puppy retrieved from the airport and personally delivered to your door if you so choose to opt into our service, with this, we will ensure that the first time you see your new baby he/she is clean and calm.

We also allow for face to face meetings with our breeders if you happen to be in the same state. If you live in a nearby state we can arrange for a ground delivery service for your pet. For further questions or concerns, feel free to call us at (855) 787-3588.