"Dogs are not there for our whole life, but they make our lives whole." - Roger A. Caras

We promise to always be there for you and your puppy. By adopting one of our adorable dogs, you are signing on to a lifetime of connection and assistance. Homepuppies.com wants to be a part of your home and your family, we believe in creating lasting bonds with our breeders and our customers, allowing us to stand by our services and ensure that not only our customers are satisfied with their decision, but that our puppies are living their fluffy little lives to the fullest.

We promise to screen our breeders, guaranteeing proper breeding practices and socialization methods, to produce the best dogs in the industry. We also will be screening you as our customer because we want to make sure the pet you choose will properly suit your lifestyle and home. You don’t buy a dog every day, we are aware of the emotional attachment and the lifelong commitment that comes with making the decision to open your home to a puppy and we want to stand with you and walk you through each step of the process. All it takes is a phone call, to change your life and fill your heart forever.

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